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Cristina López-Pascual

MPharm (Hons),  Lic Ac,  BSc (Hons),  MBAcC,   Dip Tn,  Lic CCH

Cristina graduated in 2013 with an Honours degree in traditional acupuncture at the renowned College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, where she studied two different styles: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Five Element acupuncture. After graduating, Cristina completed a postgraduate diploma  in Tui Na massage followed by a diploma in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. She also teaches conventional medicine at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine.

Cristina is passionate about Chinese Medicine and regularly attends specialised courses to further broaden her knowledge. She recently completed a two year training at the School of Classical Chinese Herbalism obtaining a Licentiate in Classical Chinese Herbalism.

Before becoming an acupuncturist, Cristina worked as a pharmacist within the industry and community sectors. During her years as a community pharmacist, Cristina became passionate about learning complementary therapies to further benefit patients. Cristina became particularly interested in acupuncture after having experienced the benefits of acupuncture treatment first hand.

In her clinic, Cristina is amazed at how acupuncture can help promote physical and emotional wellbeing, while being drug and virtually side effect free. Cristina combines her knowledge of Western and Traditional Chinese medicine to provide individually tailored holistic treatments. As part of the treatment, Cristina offers dietary advice and uses techniques such as Tui Na, Cupping, Guasha, Moxibustion and Electroacupuncture. She now offers Chinese herbs in conjunction with acupuncture or as a stand alone treatment.


As a member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC), Cristina strictly adheres to its Codes of Professional Conduct and Safe Practice, meeting the requirements of current legislation and best practice for the safety of patients. Earley Acupuncture Clinic is registered with Wokingham Borough Council's Licensing and Safety Department.

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