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Testimonials: Testimonial
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"I went to Cristina after I suffered from Alopecia and various other hormonal problems. I was feeling really low, sufering from a complete lack of confidence and really didnt know where to turn. When I visited Cristina for the forst time I was a bit apprehensive and quite cynical. On hour and a half later, after Cristina took time to listen to my woes, I came away feeling a lot more positive. I have visited her regularly since then and would thoroughly recommend her. She takes time to listen rather than rushing you to get the treatment done and that extra care and attention makes all the difference. Cristina is FABULOUS!".

J W, Reading

"The past year of treatment from Cristina has been a journey of growth; spiritually, emotionally and physically. Through the rollercoaster of my life, she has been my guide, listener and healer. Without her I very much doubt I would have been able to get through all the symptoms I was experiencing throughout the perimenopause. Thanks to the powerful treatments I do feel more grounded and resilient. Cristina is genuinely compassionate, full of integrity and an amazing acupunture practitioner".

G M, London

"I was new to acupuncture and wasn't sure what to expect. Cristina quickly put me at ease and made me relaxed about the process. She was very thorough and professional and took an in depth history to identify the type of treatment I needed. The actual acupuncture I found pleasant and relaxing. But the real impact was after! I've have never slept so well and for so long before. Having had some recent stress I was quite amazed how the acupuncture treatment identified tension in my shoulders - but most importantly - it released a lot of pain. Cristina was an expert practitioner who applied insight and much needed empathy into working with me. I've been really delighted with her work".

N P, Lower Earley

"I started acupuncture treatment with a great degree of scepticism and anxiety but Cristina's confidence and professionalism soon made me feel relaxed, comfortable and well informed. I have received treatment for PMS, feeling very stressed at the start of the session. I was very surprised to find my first treatment extremely relaxing and left the clinic with a great sense of well -being. I would highly recommend acupuncture especially with Cristina to anyone, and now believe in the magic needles!".

K D, Earley

"When I first arrived at Cristina's clinic I was suffering from anxiety and insomnia; it was the worst period of my life. Cristina welcomed me with great professionalism and warmth. At that time I was barely able to talk about my situation and unsure whether acupuncture could help me, however, with accurate analysis, Cristina recognised my needs and treated me successfully. I would recommend Cristina to everyone".

M L, London

"I was diagnosed with TMJ nearly 4 years ago and the last year with Trigeminal Nueralgia and have suffered acute pain that is sometimes excruciating and very difficult to live with more or less constantly with a few days rest bite here and there. I went to Cristina as I was desperate and in constant pain. From the very first session I experienced a huge difference gradually leading to more and more pain free days and even when not, the pain was nothing as severe as I was experiencing. A few months on now and I am delighted to say I am day 10 completely and utterly pain free !!.. I have to pinch myself and I honestly never thought this would be possible again. Cristina has always gone over and above to help me and I cannot describe my joy at regaining my life back!.. I would highly recommend Cristina to anyone and everyone and cannot thank her enough".

L L, Lower Earley

"Amazing! Cristina is very friendly, caring and professional. She's been helping my mother with osteoarthritis of the knee, sciatica and many other issues and thanks to Cristina's acupuncture sessions, my mother does no longer rely on strong painkillers. Early Acupuncture Clinic has definitely improved my mother's quality of life and helped with her chronic pain. Thank you, Cristina!!".

N H, Lower Earley

"Having felt ill for several years I am now starting to feel like myself again, a true miracle and I thank Cristina for all her help and brilliant treatment. Not only is she a miracle worker she is a lovely lady. Thank you so much".

L W, Caversham

"Can't recommend highly enough, after going through a tough time acupuncture with Cristina helped me get things back on track, very nice and relaxed practice".

E M, Wokingham

"Cristina is an expert and makes you feel very comfortable there. The results are amazing. I highly recommend it. Have a go, you won't regret it".

E D, Earley

"Contacting Cristina could be the best footstep along the road to your pain relief and improved wellbeing. Don't be afraid of the needles, they are nothing like injections, often you are barely aware of their insertion, and sensations that they bring about can be warmth or a spreading glow. I was so nervous before my first treatment, but soon realised such qualms were unfounded. Cristina always listens with understanding, compassion and reassurance, making informed and individual decisions as to which treatment would be best suited to you. Throughout your session you are monitored for comfort and effect of the treatment".

C S, Caversham

"After four miserable pregnancies where I was admitted into hospital with uncontrollable sickness each time, I am finally enjoying a pregnancy with no sickness whatsoever and very little nausea. It has made a huge difference to my life and the lives of my family. Cristina is very professional but I always felt completely at ease with her. I felt listened to and understood and in very safe hands. Cristina is very gifted and I will always be grateful for her wonderful work".

L L, Woodley

N S, Reading

"I had a longstanding shoulder injury sustained while playing sports. Ultrasound scans revealed I had a partial tear in the rotator cuff tendon so I was given a corticosteroid injection for the pain and advised to have surgery. I did not want to go under the knife so decided to give acupuncture a try. I was amazed how much better my shoulder felt after just one acupuncture treatment. Over the next few weeks, Cristina treated my shoulder with Electro-acupuncture and now I am almost pain free. I know the partial tear will not heal by itself but as long as I am pain free, the tear is not an issue".

Cristina is amazing, she is an extremely knowledgeable and efficient acupuncturist. I'm competing representing GB in triathlon so need some treatment to keep up with the demands of my training programme. Cristina always finds the right spot and the results are I feel amazing after every session. Can't recommend her highly enough, she is fantastic!

S T, Reading

Having suffered with tendonitis in my elbow for some time, I visited Cristina for a course of acupuncture. The treatment that I have received was performed with a great deal of knowledge of my condition and professionalism. I would certainly recommend Cristina's expert care. My elbow is now feeling much better.

IN, Reading

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Testimonials: Portfolio

J W, Reading

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